Meet ME: Sergiu Mîța

Sergiu Mîța was born on May 03, 1993 in the town Rybnitsa (Republic of Moldova). Sergiu has got a beautiful voice, a lyrical tenor. His music teacher noticed the child’s talent when Sergiu was in the third grade. In his hometown, the singer graduated from the Lyceum “Evrika” and Music School. In 2009, Sergiu moved to Chisinau and entered the College of Music named after Stefan Neaga and graduated as a chorus conductor. In 2014, he studied at the Academy of Music, Theater and Fine Arts named after G. Muzicescu, Faculty of Culturology. Sergiu likes to spend time watching good movies, filled with deep meaning. Also, he doesn`t forget to play sport, because it helped him to transform before the „New Wave 2017”.